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Our visionary leaders are the cornerstone of our organization. Without their expertise, Timac Agro USA couldn’t be a leader in plant and animal nutrition. Want to contact one of our visionaries? Use the Contact us form to get in touch.

Alexandre Goullier
Managing Director

Prior to Timac, Alex worked with ABB Group, a global technology company, as their worldwide financial controller.
In 2002, Alex joined Timac Agro in their financial department. Through several promotions, Alex served for six years as Daniel Roullier’s financial controller.  In 2014, Alex was asked to oversee the expansion of Timac Agro USA as the Managing Director.
Alex attended business school in Paris, France.

Jake Tanis
Deputy Managing Director

Prior to joining Timac Agro USA, Jake begin working for Moyer and Son Fertilizer on their management team as the Liquid Production Manager. In 2002, when Moyer and Son was purchased by Timac, Jake was asked to stay with Timac. In 2006, Jake was promoted to Operations Manager for the Reading facility. With the expansion of Timac Agro USA, Jake was promoted to National Industrial Director in early 2015, to oversee production of Timac's biostimulant plant, dry production plant and future expansion efforts. In January 2017, Jake has accepted the role of Deputy General Manager to further manage the growth of Timac Agro USA. Jake attended the Pennsylvania State University.

Pete Gaidis
Chief Financial Officer

Pete Gaidis joined Timac Agro USA in February 2017. Prior to joining Timac Agro USA, Pete served as CFO for a boutique winery in California, as well as General Manager of a 300-acre farm which produced pistachios, wine grapes, and hay. Pete has over 18 years of experience in finance and accounting, covering numerous industries including beverage manufacturing/distributing, hospitality/restaurants, retail, and electric utilities. He has worked for several high-growth companies and has significant experience with mergers and acquisitions. Pete is a licensed CPA and received a Master's Degree in Accounting from Florida State University.


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