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About us

Quality, Safety & Environment

Through an ambitious investment policy and experienced technical know-how, the industrial units of Timac Agro USA and the Roullier Group maintain a high level of competitiveness in a context of "Safety, Quality, and Environment" policy compliance.

A comprehensive quality control approach

  • Superior product quality thanks to high performance industrial tools
  • Industrial site certification process
  • Product traceability system (origin and control of raw materials, manufacturing processes, sales approach and deliveries)
  • Samples taken frequently at industrial sites for quality control

Safely conducting industrial activities is our motto

Manpower Safety 

  • Reduction of industrial accidents
  • Adherence to a strict safety charter
  • Personnel training and awareness for prevention
  • Each industrial unit achieved, or is working toward, certification to OHSAS 18001 safety standard

Risk Management    

  • Implementation of industrial risk control and prevention processes
  • Risk identification
  • Reduction of the number of incidents via prevention

Sustainable Development

  • Sale of products based on precision agriculture and targeted nutrition
  • Growth with regard for both financial and workforce safety

Environmentally Friendly Factories

  • Ongoing maintenance and cleaning of the facilities
  • Rigorous regulation compliance.
  • Internal and external communication on environmental efficiency
  • Reduction of energy consumption, use of renewable energies when possible (wood furnaces)
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