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Our Values


Promoting initiative and encouraging achievement

Our company culture is designed to create people who can go on to build a successful company. Entrepreneurship lies at the heart of our culture. With over 50 years of success behind us, we have capitalized on our achievements and adopted a policy that encourages entrepreneurs to seek fulfilment. Our young managers are encouraged to take on major responsibilities, in an effort to give them a taste for achievement and the drive to succeed. An entrepreneur's value lies as much in their courage as it does in their expertise. Timac Agro USA’s strength and powerful methodology gives our managers free reign to grow sustainably and contribute to our expansion.


We believe that strength lies in numbers, and in the power of working together

Learning from the experience of those who have gone before; growth thanks to advice from our predecessors; and developing a network to accelerate performance - all of these have their place within Timac Agro USA. In each of the companies that make up the Roullier Group, we promote sharing of effective practices, feedback, and the analysis of achievements to provide the best possible chance to succeed.


We are looking to hire motivated employees and harness their strength and expertise as we grow, giving them a chance to shine

We do all that we can to identify every employee's potential and offer them a career development plan that suits their goals and capabilities. Joining the Timac Agro USA is a long term commitment to your future. With loyal employees, we can lay out full career paths and offer bright prospects to new starters. Our company culture promotes internal mobility and we always take full stock of internal talent before recruiting. Because talent is only useful when it has been identified, developed, and encouraged; our managers' responsibility is to spur on the men and women who support them.


All of our employees need training in order to develop their skills

The specialist nature of our business lines requires thorough training in our products, techniques, environments, and skills. We are committed to providing our employees with training throughout their career.

We use annual appraisals and employee reviews to work with our managers to establish a career development and training plan for each of our employees. We like our staff to learn on the job, and to follow sound examples. We use our young talent pools, training seminars, and individual coaching to boost the skills and talents of all of our employees.

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