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Timac Agro USA Featured in CropLife Biologicals Special Edition

Timac Agro USA is proud to be featured in the CropLife Biologicals Special Edition. Our very own Dr. John D. Bailey, National Product Manager - Row Crops, has also been quoted numerous times throughout the publication.

Trial Results: Corn and Soybean Omission Plots Yield Notable Results

Great products require great research.

That’s why Timac Agro USA is pleased to share some of our 2017 research results from the field. Two omission trials in Pennsylvania were conducted, allowing researchers to compare management factors under a ‘Standard Program’ versus a ‘High-tech Program’ to determine factor impact and possible synergy. In these trials, Timac Agro USA’s high-efficiency product programs were studied next to a basic nutritional program for corn and soybeans. Both trials were conducted by Crop Management Strategies, Inc., a third-party research firm.

The corn research showed impressive results in the Timac Agro USA plots. The Timac Agro USA High-tech Program yielded 229 bu/ac, 20 bushels more than the Standard Program at 209 bu/ac. The single treatment that had the highest impact on yield was Fertiactyl® GZ, applied at a rate of 2 qt/ac 2”x 2”. This product alone was shown to reduce yield loss by more than 10 bu/ac.

A similar omission trial was conducted on soybeans. The Timac Agro USA High-tech Program yielded 61 bu/ac, 8 bushels more than the Standard Program at 53 bu/ac. What’s more, the Timac Agro USA High-tech Program also resulted in statistically greater test weights and a greater number of 3- and 4-pod beans. Two products were shown to have a significant impact on total yield during this trial. The application of NutriRhize at 40% of the K20 requirement and Fertileader Elite applied at R1, each resulted in a 5 bu/ac increase, making both products the highest yield influencers.

Researchers reported better than average growing conditions during both trials, limiting the amount of nitrogen loss, moisture stress, and yield loss in the Standard Program. Although this environmental consideration lessened the potential economic benefit of the High-tech Program, Timac Agro USA still offered the highest yielding programs. Timac Agro USA is pleased with the results of these product trials and looks forward to the expanded success of these products in the 2018 growing season.

The full reports are available here: Soybeans, Corn.

A full listing of our research reports are available on our website under the ‘Research’ tab.

Trial Results: Fertiactyl® GZ Boosts Citrus Rootstocks

Fertiactyl® GZ and Florida Citrus, A Winning Combination

Early this fall, Timac Agro USA Product Manager, Kevin Murphy, conducted field research in Florida on three popular varieties of citrus rootstock: US 802, US 812, and US 897. Each variety of rootstock was transplanted on September 22nd and harvested on November 10th, 42-days after treatment with Timac Agro USA’s premier nutritional soil amendment, Fertiactyl® GZ. The results from a single application of Fertiactyl® GZ in a 1% and 2% fertigated solution are nothing less than incredible.

The data collected is illustrated in the tables below.​


Based on his findings, Mr. Murphy makes several recommendations to growers who want to use Fertiactyl® GZ in their growing program on citrus rootstock. Based on this study’s finding, the minimum dosage rate should be 1% of Fertiactyl® GZ in solution, however, a 2% solution is recommended for even better results. Growers should apply Fertiactyl® GZ every 6 weeks, with their Imidacloprid applications. As another benefit, it is well known that larger root systems handle HLB, or Citrus Greening Disease, more effectively. Applying Fertiactyl® GZ to rootstock can help reduce the negative impact of the disease by establishing a larger root mass.

Images below show the US 812 rootstock from the treatments used in this study. From left to right, Control, 1% Fertiactyl® GZ, 2% Fertiactyl® GZ.

Fertiactyl® products are a line of liquid soil amendments formulated to strengthen stress tolerance and recovery, improve water use efficiency, enhance nutrient uptake, and improve overall yield. Engineered with our patented Fertiactyl® Complex, Humic and Fluvic acids, and a variety of nutrient blends, Fertiactyl® products offer growers an innovative solution to improving crop quality and yield.

Trial Results: Fertileader® Elite Improves Soybean Yields in Southern Illinois

Timac Agro USA is pleased to report findings from two recent grower trials in Southern Illinois showing positive results when using Fertileader® Elite on soybeans.

The first trial (Trial 1 in the graph below) showed a two-and-a-half bushel per acre yield increase from a one-quart per acre application of Fertileader® Elite. The product was applied at R3 and mixed with water only. 

The second trial (Trial 2 in the graph below) achieved a three bushel-per-acre yield increase from a one-quart per acre Fertileader® Elite application. The product was applied with the post-emergent herbicide and fungicide application. The Control likewise received post-emergent herbicide and fungicide application. In addition to the yield increase, Fertileader® Elite reduced the low production area of the field by 11%.

Final yields are shown below. 

Fertileader® products are Timac Agro USA’s nutrient blend line, designed to be foliar applied and easily absorbed by the leaves of the plant or tree. Fertileader® Elite contains biostimulant complexed nutrients that provide important benefits, including enabling rapid and efficient nutrient absorption by the plant; ensuring an active transfer of nutrients throughout the plant; and stimulating physiological activity in the areas of stress resistance, root development/function, and increasing photosynthesis. Fertileader® Elite can be applied with other chemicals to increase foliar absorption.

Roullier Group offers Innovation Awards

Research grant opportunity available for two contest winners.

To expand our mission to develop solutions for tomorrow’s challenges, the World Center for Innovation (CMI), which is the Roullier Group's world-renowned research and development center, is eager to support some of the world's brightest plant nutrition scientists. The Roullier Group, Timac Agro USA’s parent company, is offering two researchers or research laboratories the opportunity to participate in their second annual Innovation Awards competition.

Now through February 28, 2018, the CMI is welcoming pioneering, agricultural research submissions in the area of plant nutrition from scientists around the world. Both of the Innovation Awards winners will be offered the opportunity to develop their research project over the course of a year in collaboration with the Roullier Group and with nearly $70,000 in funding.

The aim of this award is to promote scientific collaboration, as well as to develop innovative research in plant nutrition. The competition’s 'jury' is comprised of five people, including 2 from the CMI and three from prestigious laboratories in various countries. A full list of names and titles are available on the competition's website:

Timac Agro USA product managers have encouraged over 20 of our university partners to participate in the program. Competition winners will be selected and awarded at the designated ceremony, to be held in June 2018.

Soybean Farmer Chases Record Yield with Timac Agro USA Products



Marion, South Carolina

Charlie Baucom, of Bentwood Farms, recalls checking on the field after Irma, “I think we got 7, maybe 8, inches of rain in that period when the hurricane came through. And literally, areas of this field were basically just dead spots.” Hurricane Irma tore through South Carolina in early September, just as his 900-acre field of soybeans reached late reproductive stages.

For many, this would have been a tough growing season, but Charlie is on a mission to maximize his crop yield and he has a plan to do it. As an experienced farmer in northern South Carolina, an area known for ‘Carolina Bays’, Charlie has battled wet soils before.

Carolina Bays are elliptical depressions created by either a force within the Earth or gouged out by an astronomical event or set of events. These low-lying areas can be productive agricultural ground, when managed well. And Charlie is no stranger to innovative farm management strategies.

Before planting, in collaboration with his Southern States agronomist and his local Timac Agro representative, Charlie wrote a crop program for his soybean field to prepare for the inevitable challenges the field would face. The program was designed to get the most out of each plant while maximizing the bottom line. “We used NutriRhize1 at 30 units per acre at planting and used Fertiactyl GZ2, in-furrow, at one quart per acre at planting,” recalls Charlie, “then at reproductive stage, we went out with Corona K3 for potash twice, at one pound per acre per application.”

What started as a large-scale field trial with new products, turned out to be a lifeline for this stressed field. After one day in the combine, Charlie smiled and explained, “when we look at the yield map of this size producing 90-plus bushel per acre, and GZ treated area is producing eight to ten bushels per acre more, a farmer just says, ‘let’s go’.” Charlie was thrilled with the results, outyielding the previous year’s harvest.

All three Timac Agro USA products worked in synergy to help Charlie’s soybean crop establish quickly, develop a strong root system, and withstand the stress of a late-season hurricane. Thanks to the innovative nutrition technology of Timac Agro products, and Charlie’s aggressive production goals, this field produced to the highest yield potential this year.

Check out Charlie's full testimony, here.




1 NutriRhize (0-0-35) is proven to stimulate native mycorrhizal fungi and other soil microbes. Our patented Mycorrhizae Bio-Activator and the precise potassium, calcium, and magnesium ratios provide a more efficient nutrient profile.

2 Fertiactyl GZ is the premier liquid, root product for early plant development and stress reduction. Fertiactyl GZ was applied to 120 acres of the 900-acre field.


3 Corona K (8-11-39) is an ultra-soluble fertilizer used for quick nutritional response when foliar sprayed.

Timac Attends 51st Annual World Dairy Expo

The 51st annual World Dairy Expo was a huge success for Timac Agro USA. Over the course of the 5-day event in Madison, Wisconsin, the Animal Division team interacted with a few thousand producers and industry representatives from all over the U.S. “We made several great contacts we can’t wait to follow up on soon,” commented Cody Holden, the Director of Animal Nutrition at Timac Agro USA.

The Timac Agro booth showcased our premier bedding treatment, Shieldplus. This drying mineral powder is a game changer for the dairy industry, helping ‘dry, deodorize, and defend’ as the tagline states. “Attending World Dairy Expo allowed us to make personal connections with dairy farmers,” explains Cody,  “having the time to explain who we are as a company and how Shieldplus benefits cows is so important to us.”

In addition to our booth in the Main Coliseum, Timac Agro sponsored seven class winners during the dairy show in Madison. 

“Most of the sales team got their start in agriculture by showing livestock,” Cody observed, “this was our opportunity, as a company, to help support the industry and nurture the next generation of dairy farmers.”On behalf of the Animal Division, Timac Agro would like to thank all of those who stopped by our booth in Madison. We hope to see you next year at the 52nd annual World Dairy Expo.


Want more from our trip to #WDE2017? Click on the photo below to check out our YouTube video: 



Excelis Maxx Trial Shows Promise

(Tuscola County, Michigan) – Through soil testing, a Michigan farmer saw Excelis Maxx protect broadcasted 28% UAN from three loss pathways over a cool, rainy five-week period compared to untreated fertilizer. Five weeks after 28% UAN application, soil test results showed that Excelis Maxx protected the nitrogen from three loss pathways and resulted in a higher soil nitrate level in the 0 to 6-inch depth:


Soil NO3N (lb/ac)

Untreated 28% UAN


Excelis Maxx Treated 28% UAN








Trial Details

The farmer used 28% UAN broadcast on March 21st at a rate of 35 gal/ac (105 lb N/ac) on a sugar beet field in Tuscola County, MI. Half of the field received fertilizer treated with Excelis Maxx at a rate of 25 oz/ton of UAN, the other half received untreated fertilizer.

Soil nitrate was tested at the 0 to 6-inch depth on April 25th. Between application and sampling, temperatures were variable, ranging from low 30’s to low 70’s, and measurable rainfall during 13 of the 35 days. Total rainfall was approximately 6.25 inches over this period, with the largest rainfall being 1.36 inches on April 6th.



Field Details

The field’s soil type is tappan-londo loams, and is classified as prime farmland if drained; however, its drainage class is poorly drained. The subsoil is classified as having strong gleying, which further shows a low oxygen and poorly drained environment. Soil pH is 7.5, CEC is 12 meq/100 g, and organic matter is 2.5%. This soil with the high amount of moisture is considered extremely high risk for leaching, volatilization, and denitrification losses.


T&O Division Celebrates Golfers

(READING, PA) - Timac Agro USA, a leader in sustainable plant nutrition, celebrates National Golf Day through it’s Turf & Ornamental Division. Timac Agro USA is committed to the values of modern golfers and superintendents. According to a 2009 survey done by the Environmental Institute for Golf, 74% of respondents use a turfgrass supplement such as biostimulants, humates, and/or amino acids1. A significant increase from the recent past, Timac Agro USA’s T&O Division is on the cutting edge of a full range of nutritional products developed specifically for the demands of high-performance turf.

The T&O Division serves golf course, sod, and ornamental customers across the Southeast United States, and in other areas where these markets are prevalent. Building partnerships with local distributors and superintendents makes Timac Agro USA’s T&O Division unique, at least that is how former superintendent and current Timac sales rep, Jeff Brown, sees it. Jeff explains, “I’ve been in the business a long time, and this product line and distribution set up is unique. It allows us to work with any existing program on any golf course and make it more efficient.” Jeff should know, he was a superintendent for 25 years in Florida before coming to Timac, and served on the Board of Directors for both the Florida Golf Course Superintendents Association and the Florida Turfgrass Association.

Timac Agro’s T&O Division focuses on traditional production challenges and innovative solutions to meet the needs to modern superintendents and growers. Safe, Sustainable, Smart. It’s more than just a motto, it’s how we do business. We are proud to support forward thinking superintendents, and proud to celebrate National Golf Day with our partners and friends across the United States.





Celebrating National Ag Day 2017

(READING, PA) -  Think Different…Farm Better. This is a motto we live by at Timac Agro USA. And it’s a motto we strive to help our customers achieve, every day. On National Ag Day, this year, we want to take the time to recognize the efforts of our customers to become better stewards of their land and resources. Our customers are focused on the future: future yields, future costs, and future farmers. Timac Agro USA helps farmers keep an eye on all their futures by providing high-efficiency nutrition solutions for crops and livestock. By helping our farmers achieve their nutritional needs, we enable them to retain more of their nutrients for their crops, reduce pollution into streams and waterways, and preserve their farm’s health for future generations of farmers. Our products can be boiled down to three main categories: soil health, root development, and plant growth.

We test our products in our own R&D laboratories, in university trials, and in field trials before they ever reach our customers. Investing more than $8 million in R&D every year means our products are ready to work hard the minute the customer needs them. At a recent meeting in Tennessee, our local sales rep spoke with customers about our products. The sale reps recounts, “I had a farmer give a personal statement about how our products, that were applied late last summer, made poor soil fields on his farm outperform his best soil fields.” We love hearing feedback like this from our customers.

Timac Agro USA also prides ourselves on top notch customer service. Our Agronomic Technical Sales Consultant’s take time with each customer and each farm to ensure they can recommend careful nutrition solutions and address agronomic issues before they become a concern. We also employ several experienced Product Managers who turn global R&D results into local solutions for farmers. We also offer solutions for well-balanced livestock nutrition and welfare. Our Animal Product Specialists support local farmers, to ensure their livestock are healthy and reaching their maximum potential.

On this National Ag Day, we recognize our customers have a tough job to do. Farmers account for less than 1% of the American population. They face high land prices, low grain prices, and an increasingly sensitive environment in which to work. We are proud to do our part to serve this noble community of agriculturalists. We are Timac Agro USA, and we celebrate agriculture everyday by helping our farmers “think different…farm better”. How do you celebrate agriculture?

Top Sales Reps Earn Trip to France

(READING, PA) -  In early 2016, Timac announced an incentive program for sales representatives. At the end of 2016, the top 3 sales reps and the ‘rookie of the year’ would be calculated and announced. These individuals would earn a trip to St. Malo, France to tour the Roullier Group headquarters and the research and production facilities. These top earning sales reps, and their managers, made the trek last month. Among them was rookie sales rep Madalyn Parsch, from Michigan. She shares her experience below:

"Visiting the Global Innovation Center (CMI) was amazing. I know for me personally, just being able to see the technology and the resources we have as a company was really inspiring. Many of the others on the trip were impressed with the research facility and the greenhouse we got to tour. I think it is important to really experience first-hand the Timac story in the way we were able to on this trip. Just seeing the port, the Calcimer all piled up waiting to be processed, all the beautiful blue Timac bags being loaded up to be shipped was helpful to really feel a part of this huge company we work for.

The farm we visited was so much fun and just a great reminder that we all face similar struggles all over the world and we can all help each other overcome those challenges with great service and great products.

Experiencing that, and then sharing my visit and pictures with my retailers and growers has not only been fun but makes our company more real to them. With a lot of other companies my retailers and growers work with, there are research facilities and company headquarters within the state or the US and it just validates the product and company more for them. The whole seeing is believing concept was a big hurdle for me last year, and being able to share this with people has strengthened Timac's story for me and the people I do business with.

Being able to have conversations with other Timac employees was super fun also. I got to eat dinner across from Nicolas Anglade one night and just getting to know him. We talked about business and life and everything in between; it was lovely and refreshing to have the French perspective. Also having conversations throughout the week with the other reps and managers on the trip was so great. Probably my favorite overall thing of the trip was getting to build relationships with other people I don't get to interact with very often.

The touristy things we got to participate in were also incredible! Going to the beaches of Normandy was one of the most patriotic things I have even been able to do and everyone on the trip was honored to get to experience that. Trekking up Mont St. Michel was breathtaking not only from all the steps to the top but the amazing architecture and unbelievable views from the walls surrounding the monastery. Paris was another highlight. I think we went to as many historic/ important monuments and sights that you could get to in one day and it was fabulous. We had an amazing guide and she really catered everything to what the group wanted to do. And to end the trip we had a dinner cruise on the Seine and it was perfection.

Overall the trip was incredible and truly a fun time."














Timac Hires New Corporate Development Manager

(READING, PA) - Timac Agro USA is pleased to welcome Christie Solomon to our team at our headquarters in Reading, Pennsylvania. Christie will serve as the Corporate Development Manager, overseeing the growth of Timac Agro USA and our assets.

Christie has more than eight years of experience in the animal nutrition industry and in various management roles: Corporate Development, Product Management, and Financial Performance and Analysis. She will work alongside Timac’s General Manager, Alexandre Goullier, to implement Timac’s business strategy over the next five years and beyond to fulfill the aggressive growth goals set by the internal Management Committee, and Timac Agro USA’s parent company, the Roullier Group. Christie’s mission will be to serve the best interests of Timac customers by executing the strategy to acquire regional production centers and optimize the delivery of plant and animal nutrition solutions for the US market.

Christie received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Colorado College and her MBA in international business from Arizona State University’s Thunderbird School of Global Management. 





Timac Agro USA Acquires Michigan Production Facility

(READING, PA) - Timac Agro USA, an agriculture supply company specializing in high-efficiency plant and animal nutrition products, announces its acquisition of St. Louis, Michigan based A&E Ag, LLC. As of January 18, 2017, A&E Ag, LLC employees and assets will remain with the business as it becomes a subsidiary of Timac Agro USA. Going forward, A&E Ag, LLC will continue operations under the name A&E Ag – Timac Agro USA.

Timac Agro USA shares A&E Ag’s mission to offer customers innovative solutions and services for modern agriculture production. Timac Agro USA benefits from the millions of dollars annually invested in research and development by its parent company, the Roullier Group. With more than 55 years of commitment to agriculture worldwide, and nearly 100 researchers on staff, the Roullier Group and Timac Agro USA have innovation in their DNA. In a joint letter mailed to customers in December, A&E Ag’s Chris Engle, Jr. and Jason Apple and Timac Agro USA Managing Directors, Alexander Goullier and Edwin Richard, explain, “through this new relationship, you can expect the same great level of care and service, with an even wider range of products and options to be customized for your needs.” Timac Agro USA’s acquisition of A&E Ag is part of an ongoing mission of the company to expand their product market and sales territories across the United States to deliver value to American farmers.

Current A&E Ag employees will remain in place, working alongside Timac Agro USA’s Brett Johnson, Great Lakes Business Unit Director, including Michigan and Wisconsin. Current A&E Ag customers will benefit from Timac Agro USA’s products and sales model, to create customized crop programs directly with growers for more efficient use of nutrients and better economic returns.


The production facility and full-service agriculture retailer is located at 720 E Washington Street, Saint Louis, Michigan. Information regarding A&E Ag can also be found on their Facebook page.







Winter Weather in North Dakota Makes Ag Sales More Challenging

Story and Photos by James Leno, North Dakota Regional Sales Manager

(Bismarck, ND) - In my section of North Dakota, near Bismarck, we are currently sitting at 58 inches of snowfall for the year.  This is the highest amount we have ever had this early in the year, since the late 1800’s.  What’s more, they say we are on pace for 120 inches this year!  We’ve had temperatures anywhere from 10 degrees above, to -22 degrees…that is WITHOUT the wind-chill, mind you.  We are currently experiencing -45-degree wind-chills! Wool socks, anyone?

It goes without saying that this weather has been hard on everybody and everything.  Our Sales Reps are losing sales days because there has been a full-on blizzard at least every 10 days. 

Not to mention the day or two it takes the state highway department to open up the roads and highways after that blizzard.  Flat prairie lands, and little to no trees ensures you will struggle to see the front end of your vehicle from the driver’s seat during a blizzard, making for some very dangerous driving conditions.

With the recent forecast, farmers are ranchers have been spending nearly all of their time blowing and moving snow. One guy told me last week that he will spend more on fuel for snow removal that he did for harvest!

Our Sales Reps have been taking advantage of the cold weather by finding all of the customers in their offices, and more than willing to drink some coffee and visit.  This is typically the time of year that our retailers will place orders for their spring and summer needs. 

Spring, if I may utter the word without scaring it off, will be VERY, VERY late this year, certainly. But when it does arrive, this snow will create some much needed moisture for the planting season. What seems like a small silver lining compared to the weeks of winter weather to come.







Timac Agro USA Thanks Top Customers in 2016

(Reading, PA) - As 2016 comes to a close, Timac Agro USA takes time to thank their top customers from the year. Timac Agro USA's top customers from 20126 are well spread-out across their eight sales regions. A full list of top customers can be found below.

Topping the list this year is Murphy Ag Solutions of the Heartland, LLC, based in Florida. Owner, Trevor Murphy, has been a customer with Timac for six years, explaining, "Timac Agro has some of the best products available on the market today. Their research and development provides us with products that sell themselves through their performance - visually in the field and on the bottom line." Timac Agro USA values working with innovators like Trevor and Murphy Ag Solutions to keep farmers in the cutting edge. Based in North Carolina, Harvey Fertilizer & Gas Company is also a 2016 top customer of Timac Agro USA. Wes Ward, Head of Proprietary Products at Harvey, says, "TImac Agro has been a strategic partner for our company for over 3 years now. Timac has been refreshing to partner with due to the progressive products they continue to develop to help growers maximize yields. The staff at Timac is always will to help train our staff here at Harvey's and are always helpful when closing a deal at the farm gate." Timac Agro USA is pleased to keep Harvey's as a top customer in 2016.

Timac Agro USA has not lost touch with it's roots in Pennsylvania. Local customer, Leola Ag, is a top buyer in 2016, as well. Owner, Alan Weaver, says his decision to sell Timac products for more than 10 years is easy, claiming, "They work, that's why I became a dealer. They offer a wide range of products, pretty much whatever you need for any crop that's farmed."


Timac Agro USA's Top 10 Customers in 2016

Murphy Ag Solutions of the Heartland, LLC (Florida)

Harvey Fertilizer & Gas Company (North Carolina)

Leola Ag (Pennsylvania)

Crop Production Services (Multi-State)

Ephrata Agway (Pennsylvania)

Little Brittan Agri Supply (Pennsylvania)

Performance Agriculture (North Dakota)

Carolina Eastern (South Carolina)

CNI Agriminerals, LLC (Georgia)

Triangle Chemical Company (Georgia)




Timac Agro USA Hires Poultry Specialist for Animal Division

(READING, PA) - Dr. Aida Liliana Monroy, DVM, MBA joins Timac Agro USA as the Commercial and Marketing Poultry Director for the Animal Product Division.  Liliana will work directly with the Director of Animal Nutrition, Cody Holden. She will be leading the sales and marketing strategy for new poultry products. 

Liliana brings with her over 21 years of experience in pharmaceutical sales and marketing of animal health products, as well as technical support in the field, primarily in poultry.

Prior to joining Timac, Liliana was a Sr. Food Animal Global Brand Manager and Sr. Launch Leader, directing a global team and launching many new products by being a highly motivated team player; specializing in the introduction, fast adoption and support of a variety of products; able to work with, motivate and mentor diverse professional teams, leading by example and influence.

Liliana holds an M.B.A degree in Marketing Management and Sales from the Universidad del Rosario as well as a DVM, Doctor in Veterinary Medicine, from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia both in Bogotá, Colombia.




Wisconsin Welcomes New Regional Sales Manager

(READING, PA) - Timac Agro USA welcomes Clint Nieman to our team as a Regional Sales Manager in our Great Lakes region, including Wisconsin and Michigan. Clint will work under the Business Unit Director, Brett Johnson, and oversee sales in Wisconsin.

Clint holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Freed-Hardeman University and is a Certified Crop Advisor. He has worked in the agriculture retail industry in various capacities over his career, including roles as Agronomist and Decision Services Lead, Crop Specialist and Branch Manager. Clint's strong work ethic and dedication to the agriculture industry in Wisconsin make him a great fit for our team. We welcome Clint and wish him the best of luck through his career at Timac Agro USA. 








Turf & Ornamental Division Launches in Southeast US


(READING, PA) - Timac Agro USA is launching a brand new Turf & Ornamental Division of our company. This new Division, currently based in Florida, will serve golf courses, commercial / residential turf and ornamental customers across the Southeast United States, and in other areas where these markets are prevalent. Sales Reps for this Division serve customers in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. Division Business Unit Director, Frank Reed, hopes to expand the Division further in 2017, stating, "the dynamic sales team we are putting together, along with the 23 million acres of turf under cultivation, the anticipated growth expected in 2017-2018 is unlimited."

With the launch of this new division comes a new brand of specialty products. Our R&D team has rolled out the new Seactyl range of products, designed especially for golf course management, commercial / residential turf and ornamental production. These products allow our T&O Sales Reps more opportunities to help customers reach their quality and production goals. Timac Agro's T&O Division will serve a new slate of customers with the same model or crop and livestock customers enjoy, a focus on local production challenges and innovative solutions to meet the individual needs of modern superintendents and growers.



New Business Unit Director hired for Southeast

(READING, PA) - Timac Agro USA is pleased to welcome Bryan Bourrie to our will serve as the Business Unit Director, overseeing sales in Georgia, Alabama and in our Southeast Business Unit. Bryan 

Bryan has devoted his career to Ag Sales and Sales Management throughout the Eastern United States, primarily focused on the Southeast Region. His extensive experience working with dealers and crops grown in Florida and Georgia will benefit the Sales Representatives in his Business Unit.

Bryan holds a BS in Business Marketing from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.






Timac Agro USA Opens New Sales Territory in Wisconsin, 'Americas Dairyland' state

(READING, PA) - Timac Agro USA has officially opened our doors in Wisconsin. To date, 5 Technical Sales Reps in both the Plant Nutrition and Animal Nutrition divisions have been hired to launch our products in Wisconsin. "The state's robust agricultural strong hold in the Great Lakes region makes it a natural addition to our portfolio, explains Laura Brenner, Timac Agro's Marketing & Communications Manager. Wisconsin, boasted as "America's Dairyland" state enjoys an annual revenue of $20.6 million from dairy alone. Timac Agro is pleased to offer our products to Wisconsin's farmers and looks forward to hiring eager and bright agribusiness professionals to help lead our success in the state.



Timac Agro USA Expands National Heaqdquarters in Reading, Pennsylvania

(READING, PA) - The expansion of Timac Agro USA's new headquarters is complete. The project began Spring of 2016 to accomodate Timac Agro's growth in Reading, and across the United States. The expansion boasts 11 offices, 2 conferences rooms and a new reception area. Local customers will certainly notice the change, as the building nearly doubled in size, and received an exterior face-lift with new stucco siding and a modern sign affixed to the peak of the building. 

Prior to this expansions, the office building looked largely the same as it did when the fertilizer plant was built in the early 1900's. Renovations to the original building will begin in 2017. Timac Agro USA is on track to expand to 500 sales reps across the United States by 2020. This new office space will allow the administrative functions of Timac Agro USA to keep up with their eager sales force.



Early Season Stress Doesn't Stand a Chance

With the recent cold snaps and wintry weather just ahead of planting, we worry about cold, wet soils. Fertiactyl GZ can help enhance a crop’s response to cold stress, thanks to glycine betaine. Studies have shown an increase in plant survival when tissue glycine betaine levels are either experimentally increased or when plants are acclimated to cold weather and then subjected to extreme cold. 

With our own biostimulant plant in Reading, PA, the Liquid Production Team is dedicated to continue to meet production goals. 2018 liquid production is already exceeding the goals set for the year. “To date, our team has produced more than 150,000 gallons of biostimulants and fertilizer additives,” said Ammon Martin, Liquid Production Manager. “We are working hard to meet the needs of our customers." 


Timac Agro USA Featured in CropLife Biologicals Special Edition