Think Different…Farm Better.

Celebrating National Ag Day 2017

(READING, PA) -  Think Different…Farm Better. This is a motto we live by at Timac Agro USA. And it’s a motto we strive to help our customers achieve, every day. On National Ag Day, this year, we want to take the time to recognize the efforts of our customers to become better stewards of their land and resources. Our customers are focused on the future: future yields, future costs, and future farmers. Timac Agro USA helps farmers keep an eye on all their futures by providing high-efficiency nutrition solutions for crops and livestock. By helping our farmers achieve their nutritional needs, we enable them to retain more of their nutrients for their crops, reduce pollution into streams and waterways, and preserve their farm’s health for future generations of farmers. Our products can be boiled down to three main categories: soil health, root development, and plant growth.

We test our products in our own R&D laboratories, in university trials, and in field trials before they ever reach our customers. Investing more than $8 million in R&D every year means our products are ready to work hard the minute the customer needs them. At a recent meeting in Tennessee, our local sales rep spoke with customers about our products. The sale reps recounts, “I had a farmer give a personal statement about how our products, that were applied late last summer, made poor soil fields on his farm outperform his best soil fields.” We love hearing feedback like this from our customers.

Timac Agro USA also prides ourselves on top notch customer service. Our Agronomic Technical Sales Consultant’s take time with each customer and each farm to ensure they can recommend careful nutrition solutions and address agronomic issues before they become a concern. We also employ several experienced Product Managers who turn global R&D results into local solutions for farmers. We also offer solutions for well-balanced livestock nutrition and welfare. Our Animal Product Specialists support local farmers, to ensure their livestock are healthy and reaching their maximum potential.

On this National Ag Day, we recognize our customers have a tough job to do. Farmers account for less than 1% of the American population. They face high land prices, low grain prices, and an increasingly sensitive environment in which to work. We are proud to do our part to serve this noble community of agriculturalists. We are Timac Agro USA, and we celebrate agriculture everyday by helping our farmers “think different…farm better”. How do you celebrate agriculture?

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