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Timac Agro USA Expands National Heaqdquarters in Reading, Pennsylvania

(READING, PA) - The expansion of Timac Agro USA's new headquarters is complete. The project began Spring of 2016 to accomodate Timac Agro's growth in Reading, and across the United States. The expansion boasts 11 offices, 2 conferences rooms and a new reception area. Local customers will certainly notice the change, as the building nearly doubled in size, and received an exterior face-lift with new stucco siding and a modern sign affixed to the peak of the building. 

Prior to this expansions, the office building looked largely the same as it did when the fertilizer plant was built in the early 1900's. Renovations to the original building will begin in 2017. Timac Agro USA is on track to expand to 500 sales reps across the United States by 2020. This new office space will allow the administrative functions of Timac Agro USA to keep up with their eager sales force.



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