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Soybean Farmer Chases Record Yield with Timac Agro USA Products



Marion, South Carolina

Charlie Baucom, of Bentwood Farms, recalls checking on the field after Irma, “I think we got 7, maybe 8, inches of rain in that period when the hurricane came through. And literally, areas of this field were basically just dead spots.” Hurricane Irma tore through South Carolina in early September, just as his 900-acre field of soybeans reached late reproductive stages.

For many, this would have been a tough growing season, but Charlie is on a mission to maximize his crop yield and he has a plan to do it. As an experienced farmer in northern South Carolina, an area known for ‘Carolina Bays’, Charlie has battled wet soils before.

Carolina Bays are elliptical depressions created by either a force within the Earth or gouged out by an astronomical event or set of events. These low-lying areas can be productive agricultural ground, when managed well. And Charlie is no stranger to innovative farm management strategies.

Before planting, in collaboration with his Southern States agronomist and his local Timac Agro representative, Charlie wrote a crop program for his soybean field to prepare for the inevitable challenges the field would face. The program was designed to get the most out of each plant while maximizing the bottom line. “We used NutriRhize1 at 30 units per acre at planting and used Fertiactyl GZ2, in-furrow, at one quart per acre at planting,” recalls Charlie, “then at reproductive stage, we went out with Corona K3 for potash twice, at one pound per acre per application.”

What started as a large-scale field trial with new products, turned out to be a lifeline for this stressed field. After one day in the combine, Charlie smiled and explained, “when we look at the yield map of this size producing 90-plus bushel per acre, and GZ treated area is producing eight to ten bushels per acre more, a farmer just says, ‘let’s go’.” Charlie was thrilled with the results, outyielding the previous year’s harvest.

All three Timac Agro USA products worked in synergy to help Charlie’s soybean crop establish quickly, develop a strong root system, and withstand the stress of a late-season hurricane. Thanks to the innovative nutrition technology of Timac Agro products, and Charlie’s aggressive production goals, this field produced to the highest yield potential this year.

Check out Charlie's full testimony, here.




1 NutriRhize (0-0-35) is proven to stimulate native mycorrhizal fungi and other soil microbes. Our patented Mycorrhizae Bio-Activator and the precise potassium, calcium, and magnesium ratios provide a more efficient nutrient profile.

2 Fertiactyl GZ is the premier liquid, root product for early plant development and stress reduction. Fertiactyl GZ was applied to 120 acres of the 900-acre field.


3 Corona K (8-11-39) is an ultra-soluble fertilizer used for quick nutritional response when foliar sprayed.

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