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Top Sales Reps Earn Trip to France

(READING, PA) -  In early 2016, Timac announced an incentive program for sales representatives. At the end of 2016, the top 3 sales reps and the ‘rookie of the year’ would be calculated and announced. These individuals would earn a trip to St. Malo, France to tour the Roullier Group headquarters and the research and production facilities. These top earning sales reps, and their managers, made the trek last month. Among them was rookie sales rep Madalyn Parsch, from Michigan. She shares her experience below:

"Visiting the Global Innovation Center (CMI) was amazing. I know for me personally, just being able to see the technology and the resources we have as a company was really inspiring. Many of the others on the trip were impressed with the research facility and the greenhouse we got to tour. I think it is important to really experience first-hand the Timac story in the way we were able to on this trip. Just seeing the port, the Calcimer all piled up waiting to be processed, all the beautiful blue Timac bags being loaded up to be shipped was helpful to really feel a part of this huge company we work for.

The farm we visited was so much fun and just a great reminder that we all face similar struggles all over the world and we can all help each other overcome those challenges with great service and great products.

Experiencing that, and then sharing my visit and pictures with my retailers and growers has not only been fun but makes our company more real to them. With a lot of other companies my retailers and growers work with, there are research facilities and company headquarters within the state or the US and it just validates the product and company more for them. The whole seeing is believing concept was a big hurdle for me last year, and being able to share this with people has strengthened Timac's story for me and the people I do business with.

Being able to have conversations with other Timac employees was super fun also. I got to eat dinner across from Nicolas Anglade one night and just getting to know him. We talked about business and life and everything in between; it was lovely and refreshing to have the French perspective. Also having conversations throughout the week with the other reps and managers on the trip was so great. Probably my favorite overall thing of the trip was getting to build relationships with other people I don't get to interact with very often.

The touristy things we got to participate in were also incredible! Going to the beaches of Normandy was one of the most patriotic things I have even been able to do and everyone on the trip was honored to get to experience that. Trekking up Mont St. Michel was breathtaking not only from all the steps to the top but the amazing architecture and unbelievable views from the walls surrounding the monastery. Paris was another highlight. I think we went to as many historic/ important monuments and sights that you could get to in one day and it was fabulous. We had an amazing guide and she really catered everything to what the group wanted to do. And to end the trip we had a dinner cruise on the Seine and it was perfection.

Overall the trip was incredible and truly a fun time."














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