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Trial Results: Corn and Soybean Omission Plots Yield Notable Results

Great products require great research.

That’s why Timac Agro USA is pleased to share some of our 2017 research results from the field. Two omission trials in Pennsylvania were conducted, allowing researchers to compare management factors under a ‘Standard Program’ versus a ‘High-tech Program’ to determine factor impact and possible synergy. In these trials, Timac Agro USA’s high-efficiency product programs were studied next to a basic nutritional program for corn and soybeans. Both trials were conducted by Crop Management Strategies, Inc., a third-party research firm.

The corn research showed impressive results in the Timac Agro USA plots. The Timac Agro USA High-tech Program yielded 229 bu/ac, 20 bushels more than the Standard Program at 209 bu/ac. The single treatment that had the highest impact on yield was Fertiactyl® GZ, applied at a rate of 2 qt/ac 2”x 2”. This product alone was shown to reduce yield loss by more than 10 bu/ac.

A similar omission trial was conducted on soybeans. The Timac Agro USA High-tech Program yielded 61 bu/ac, 8 bushels more than the Standard Program at 53 bu/ac. What’s more, the Timac Agro USA High-tech Program also resulted in statistically greater test weights and a greater number of 3- and 4-pod beans. Two products were shown to have a significant impact on total yield during this trial. The application of NutriRhize at 40% of the K20 requirement and Fertileader Elite applied at R1, each resulted in a 5 bu/ac increase, making both products the highest yield influencers.

Researchers reported better than average growing conditions during both trials, limiting the amount of nitrogen loss, moisture stress, and yield loss in the Standard Program. Although this environmental consideration lessened the potential economic benefit of the High-tech Program, Timac Agro USA still offered the highest yielding programs. Timac Agro USA is pleased with the results of these product trials and looks forward to the expanded success of these products in the 2018 growing season.

The full reports are available here: Soybeans, Corn.

A full listing of our research reports are available on our website under the ‘Research’ tab.

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