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Trial Results: Fertiactyl® GZ Boosts Citrus Rootstocks

Fertiactyl® GZ and Florida Citrus, A Winning Combination

Early this fall, Timac Agro USA Product Manager, Kevin Murphy, conducted field research in Florida on three popular varieties of citrus rootstock: US 802, US 812, and US 897. Each variety of rootstock was transplanted on September 22nd and harvested on November 10th, 42-days after treatment with Timac Agro USA’s premier nutritional soil amendment, Fertiactyl® GZ. The results from a single application of Fertiactyl® GZ in a 1% and 2% fertigated solution are nothing less than incredible.

The data collected is illustrated in the tables below.​


Based on his findings, Mr. Murphy makes several recommendations to growers who want to use Fertiactyl® GZ in their growing program on citrus rootstock. Based on this study’s finding, the minimum dosage rate should be 1% of Fertiactyl® GZ in solution, however, a 2% solution is recommended for even better results. Growers should apply Fertiactyl® GZ every 6 weeks, with their Imidacloprid applications. As another benefit, it is well known that larger root systems handle HLB, or Citrus Greening Disease, more effectively. Applying Fertiactyl® GZ to rootstock can help reduce the negative impact of the disease by establishing a larger root mass.

Images below show the US 812 rootstock from the treatments used in this study. From left to right, Control, 1% Fertiactyl® GZ, 2% Fertiactyl® GZ.

Fertiactyl® products are a line of liquid soil amendments formulated to strengthen stress tolerance and recovery, improve water use efficiency, enhance nutrient uptake, and improve overall yield. Engineered with our patented Fertiactyl® Complex, Humic and Fluvic acids, and a variety of nutrient blends, Fertiactyl® products offer growers an innovative solution to improving crop quality and yield.

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