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Trial Results: Fertileader® Elite Improves Soybean Yields in Southern Illinois

Timac Agro USA is pleased to report findings from two recent grower trials in Southern Illinois showing positive results when using Fertileader® Elite on soybeans.

The first trial (Trial 1 in the graph below) showed a two-and-a-half bushel per acre yield increase from a one-quart per acre application of Fertileader® Elite. The product was applied at R3 and mixed with water only. 

The second trial (Trial 2 in the graph below) achieved a three bushel-per-acre yield increase from a one-quart per acre Fertileader® Elite application. The product was applied with the post-emergent herbicide and fungicide application. The Control likewise received post-emergent herbicide and fungicide application. In addition to the yield increase, Fertileader® Elite reduced the low production area of the field by 11%.

Final yields are shown below. 

Fertileader® products are Timac Agro USA’s nutrient blend line, designed to be foliar applied and easily absorbed by the leaves of the plant or tree. Fertileader® Elite contains biostimulant complexed nutrients that provide important benefits, including enabling rapid and efficient nutrient absorption by the plant; ensuring an active transfer of nutrients throughout the plant; and stimulating physiological activity in the areas of stress resistance, root development/function, and increasing photosynthesis. Fertileader® Elite can be applied with other chemicals to increase foliar absorption.

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