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Turf & Ornamental Division Launches in Southeast US


(READING, PA) - Timac Agro USA is launching a brand new Turf & Ornamental Division of our company. This new Division, currently based in Florida, will serve golf courses, commercial / residential turf and ornamental customers across the Southeast United States, and in other areas where these markets are prevalent. Sales Reps for this Division serve customers in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. Division Business Unit Director, Frank Reed, hopes to expand the Division further in 2017, stating, "the dynamic sales team we are putting together, along with the 23 million acres of turf under cultivation, the anticipated growth expected in 2017-2018 is unlimited."

With the launch of this new division comes a new brand of specialty products. Our R&D team has rolled out the new Seactyl range of products, designed especially for golf course management, commercial / residential turf and ornamental production. These products allow our T&O Sales Reps more opportunities to help customers reach their quality and production goals. Timac Agro's T&O Division will serve a new slate of customers with the same model or crop and livestock customers enjoy, a focus on local production challenges and innovative solutions to meet the individual needs of modern superintendents and growers.



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