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Winter Weather in North Dakota Makes Ag Sales More Challenging

Story and Photos by James Leno, North Dakota Regional Sales Manager

(Bismarck, ND) - In my section of North Dakota, near Bismarck, we are currently sitting at 58 inches of snowfall for the year.  This is the highest amount we have ever had this early in the year, since the late 1800’s.  What’s more, they say we are on pace for 120 inches this year!  We’ve had temperatures anywhere from 10 degrees above, to -22 degrees…that is WITHOUT the wind-chill, mind you.  We are currently experiencing -45-degree wind-chills! Wool socks, anyone?

It goes without saying that this weather has been hard on everybody and everything.  Our Sales Reps are losing sales days because there has been a full-on blizzard at least every 10 days. 

Not to mention the day or two it takes the state highway department to open up the roads and highways after that blizzard.  Flat prairie lands, and little to no trees ensures you will struggle to see the front end of your vehicle from the driver’s seat during a blizzard, making for some very dangerous driving conditions.

With the recent forecast, farmers are ranchers have been spending nearly all of their time blowing and moving snow. One guy told me last week that he will spend more on fuel for snow removal that he did for harvest!

Our Sales Reps have been taking advantage of the cold weather by finding all of the customers in their offices, and more than willing to drink some coffee and visit.  This is typically the time of year that our retailers will place orders for their spring and summer needs. 

Spring, if I may utter the word without scaring it off, will be VERY, VERY late this year, certainly. But when it does arrive, this snow will create some much needed moisture for the planting season. What seems like a small silver lining compared to the weeks of winter weather to come.







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