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LithaGest: Beef

LithaGest is a feed additive specifically formulated for the end of gestation, preparation for calving, and early lactation.

Key Components:

  • Zeolites: Stores excess Calcium during dry period and controls excess Nitrogen.
  • Phormag: Offers high-quality P and Mg to support the physiological stress of calving.
  • Fertility Immunity Complex: Organic Selenium and Vitamin E in synergy to boost calf and cow immune defense.
  • EO Mix: This is an essential oil blend that is created to help increase immune function and assist in fiber digestibility.

Producer Benefits:

  • Prepares cow for calving with calcium and muscular mobilization.
  • Improves antibody content and quality of colostrum.
  • Prepares cow for early lactation.
  • Fertility return support.

Feed Rate:

    3.5 oz/head/day

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