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LithaMais: Beef

LithaMais S/L is a feed additive designed to be used in diets that are high in corn silage or grain. LithaMiax S/L stabilizes the rumen to allow for better utilization of the energy being fed in silage or grain.

Key Components:

  • CalseaGrit: A highly-soluble calcium product derived from seaweed easily usable by the rumen. CalseaGrit improves buffering capacity in very acidic environments and is microporous, allowing for better microbial activity and digestibility.
  • EO Mix: This is an essential oil blend that is created to help increase immune function and assist in fiber digestibility.

Producer Benefits:

  • Increases meat and milk production.
  • Strengthens immune systems.
  • Reproductive benefits.
  • Greater utilization of fiber and grain.

Feed Rate:

    1.75 oz/head/day

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