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Dairy Products

At Timac Agro USA, our mission is to help dairy producers reach their goals of health and productive animals.  We offer state-of-the-art products matched by our top-quality customer service, constantly striving to answer customer questions and offer innovative solutions. 

Our company places a high value on creating products proven to perform for our customers. We are proud to offer our own proprietary product lines which can be traced back to their raw materials by controlling our own manufacturing and distribution. Our products harness the power of the sea to help dairy producers create the world’s most perfect food.  At Timac Agro USA, we take a more natural approach in providing animals with the tools they need to do what they were born to do.


Our Values

  • Provide valuable, high-quality products.
  • Empower producers to maintain healthy animals.
  • Allow animals to reach their genetic potential, naturally.
  • Offer enhanced customer service from a helpful, knowledgeable representative.
  • Above all, care for our customer’s bottom line.



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