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One-of-a-kind bedding and animal welfare product.

Key Components:

Shieldplus offers unmatched absorption capabilities, along with the ability to help control and eliminate many bacteria causing infections, including most forms of mastitis. The ‘PLUS’ side of this one-of-a-kind product is its pleasant aroma from an all-natural blend of essential oils.

Producer Benefits:

  • Absorbs over 150% of its own weight in moisture.
  • Contains a natural blend of essential oils to aid in reducing the spread of disease and fungus. Plus provides a pleasant aroma.
  • Aids in the reduction of ammonia by 35%.
  • Shown to decrease bedding costs by up to 20%.

Rates & Uses:

  • Calf Hutches: Apply 3 oz. per hutch every 2 days, if bedding is wet apply daily.

  • Heifer / Cow Bed Pack: Starter dose, use 10 oz. per animal every 2 days for the first week, then apply 7 oz. per adult twice a week.

  • Free Stalls / Stanchions: 3 oz. per stall every 2 days (over the back third of the stall). Works with all forms of bedding material.
  • *Anytime the bedded area is very damp or soiled, replace bedding then apply Shieldplus for maximum results.

    Always follow product label instructions.

Packaging : 55 lb bags and 27.5 lb buckets
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