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Feed Additives

Lithamix ensures better utilization of livestock diet.

The Lithamix range of feed additives optimizes ruminal digestion in any situation. Many years of animal nutrition research and field data have allowed us to gather over 100 followed digestibility results.

Lithamix maximizes returns on an animal’s diet and the genetic level of the animal while maintaining their health and fertility. This increases an animal’s overall production potential.

By combining ISO, GMP+, and HACCP production and quality standards, Timac Agro USA offers a controlled and reliable product each time. Each micro granule of Lithamix is homogenized, which means it is a perfect reflection of the label guarantees.

Lithamix is very palatable which allows it to easily be topdressed or perfectly adapted to TMR systems.

Timac Agro USA Featured in CropLife Biologicals Special Edition