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LithaMax SL: Dairy

LithaMax SL is a feed additive designed to stimulate rumen microbial function and immune response. Proven in university research trials, LithaMax SL is able to keep the rumen producing VFA’s, even in an acidotic state.

Key Components:

  • CalseaGrit: A highly-soluble calcium product derived from seaweed easily usable by the rumen. CalseaGrit improves buffering capacity in very acidic environments and is microporous, allowing for better microbial activity and digestibility.
  • EO Mix: This is an essential oil blend that is created to help increase immune function and assist in fiber digestibility.

Producer Benefits:

  • Increases meat and milk production.
  • Strengthens immune systems.
  • Reproductive benefits.
  • Greater utilization of fiber and grain.

Feed Rate:

    3.5 oz/cow/day

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