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Liver Drenches

Highly Bio-available Liver Drench for Ruminants.

Our Betactyl range of products are liver drenches designed to help cattle, sheep, and goats get through tough metabolic times. These products may also be used as part of a periodic liver cleansing routine, proven to increase productivity and immune function in all species of animals.

Our liver drenches a unique blend of high-quality mineral, Glycols, and a product unique to our range: Betactyl®. Betactyl is a proprietary product, derived from a fermentative biotechnological processing of sugar beets, and is a concentrated in:

·         Betaine: A choline metabolite and a substrate in methionine synthesis ways. Betaine is protecting liver through its lipotropic activity.

·         Glutamic acid: Among the 20 essential amino acids constituents which compose proteins. Glutamic acid plays a major role in nervous regulation: it is the most common neurotransmitter in the nervous central system.

The Betactyl® amino acids are combined with soluble mineral salts to create highly bio-availability complexes for the animal.

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