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At Timac Agro USA our goal is to help dairy producers reach their goals of health and productive animals.  We offer state of the art products that meet even the pickiest producer’s approval, by only using top quality materials and constantly striving to provide the answers to our producer’s questions.  We are proud of the fact that our company creates manufactures and distributes only proprietary products thus allowing us to focus on quality and performance.  We harness the power of the sea to help you produce the world’s most perfect food.  At Timac we take the approach that providing animals with the natural tools to do what they were naturally born to do.

Our Values

  • Provide healthy and accurate products
  • Keeping livestock healthy
  • Helping animals to reach their genetic potential “Naturally”
  • Providing a trained eye and helpful knowledge to our customers.
  • Above all caring for our customer’s bottom line.
Roullier Group offers Innovation Awards