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A slat manure treatment to help improve manure quality and air quality, as well as improve animal efficiency.

Key Components:

  • Lithothamn, PH regulator and bacteria fixation allows for more manure breakdown.
  • Clay, crust humidification, manure homogenization, ammonia fixation, odor neutralization.
  • Bacteria: organic matter digestion, manure oxygenation, composting activation, nitrogen mineralization.
  • Ascopharm: Booster effect on bacteria, adaptation of the bacteria premix to the manure.

Farmer Benefits:

  • Increase of mineralized nitrogen of the manure allows for less bought N. Potential of 15% increase.
  • Increased rate of gain due to the reduction of noxious gases in the barn.
  • Better homogenization of the slurry, more accurate nutritional impact on the ground.
  • Less time agitating, lower cost of tractor use or custom applicators time.


  • Cattle: 1lb/per cow each week applied to either slats or in manure gutter or apply 4lb/per cow per month directly into the pit.
  • Slurry Tank: in empty pit use 2lbs/35 square ft. or add to pit with manure in it at 2lbs/220 gallons of slurry present in pit.
  • Pigs: Maternity 2lbs/month/stall several times per month, Post wean 2 lbs/piglet upon arrival of the animals, Fattening 1 lbs/pig upon arrival then 2 application of 0.5lb during the grow out period.
  • Poultry: 1.5lb/100 sq ft. re-apply as needed.


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Packaging : 55 lb bags
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