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Best in Class enhancer.

Key Components:

1. Mineral Complex for all types of poultry to dry and sanitize the litter. Contains citronella.

  • Dry litter prevents bacteria growth. Dries 150% its own weight in moisture.
  • Prevents footpad dermatitis and breast blisters.
  • Provides a healthy environment .
  • Decreases presence of insects.

2. Lowers ammonia emissions and reduces pH.

  • Decreases susceptibility of birds to bacterial respiratory infection, especially E.Coli.
  • Reduction of ammonia and pH will increase feed conversion and livability.
  • Avoids respiratory system irritation and "ammonia burn" ( refers to ammonia-induced corneal erosion).

3. Enhances the environment providing peace of mind.

  • Healthier litter - Better environment for the birds and workers
  • Non corrosive to metal
  • No ignition
  • Fast action
  • Easy storage (tolerates light & extreme temperatures)


Rates & Uses:

    Apply 100 lbs/1,000 sq ft before reception or 75 lb/1,000 sq ft and repeat 3 to 4 weeks in the sleeping areas of the birds and under the drinkers.


Always follow product label instructions.


Packaging : 55 lb bags and 27.5 lb buckets
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