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Timac Agro’s biostimulants are unique in that they contain seaweed, and other plant extracts, in addition to essential plant nutrients. Despite growing in harsh conditions with no fertilizers, salt water and extremes in high and low tide,  seaweeds are the most productive plants in the world. In terms of dry biomass production, seaweeds can be 30 times more productive than soybeans and more than 50 times more productive than corn. The keys to this productivity are the specific bioactive substances found inside the seaweed plants. We call these compounds biostimulants.

The way in which we build our biostimulant products far exceeds the competition. Specific extraction allows us to concentrate bioactives for their targeted functions. Through additional R&D efforts, we then classify each biostimulant on the basis of its effects on roots, shoots, and metabolism in specific crops.

Our patented biostimulants are available in the following formulations: 

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