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Product Description:

Fertileader® is our nutrient blend line designed to be foliar applied and easily absorbed by the leaves of the plant or tree. Fertileader® products are liquid nutrient foliar biostimulants for vegetative and reproductive development. All Fertileader® products can be applied with other chemicals to increase foliar absorption of nutrients / active ingredients.

All Fertileader® products contain biostimulant complexed nutrients that provide three important benefits:

  • Enables rapid and efficient nutrition absorption by the plant or tree.
  • Ensures an active transfer of nutrients throughout the plant or tree.
  • Stimulates physiological activity in the areas of stress resistance, root development/function and increased photosynthesis.

All these benefits combine to create improved agronomic performance and, as the result, improved profitability for the grower.

Fertileader Series Options

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Made in the USA

Packaging : 2x2.64 gal jugs, 264 gal totes
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