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Root Biostimulants

Fertiactyl products are designed to address agronomic issues from germination through early vegetative stages to ensure an early, even emergence of vigorous plants. 

Specifically, the Fertiactyl Complex ensures:

  • Reinforced resistance to abiotic stress, such as extremes in temperature, water, and salinity
  • Increased root mass and fine root hair development
  • Enhanced availability of fertilizer and soil nutrients
  • Significantly increases nutrient uptake, especially important for non-mobile nutrients such as phosphorus, zinc, iron, and others

It is especially useful in in-furrow applications with most planters set up for liquid but can also be applied sprayed directly onto soil or when crop is recently emerged.  We also offer two formulations (Kalibor and Record) that can be used in fertigation for later plant growth stages.

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