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Duo Maxx


Product Description:

Duo Maxx is a unique stabilizer, ideal for incorporated urea or UAN, and for blends of fertilizers with N, P, and K. Duo Maxx is a combination of our nitrogen stabilizer, Excelis Maxx, and our patented phenolic binding compound, MPPA. This formulation ensures maximum protection against fertilizer loss.

Duo Maxx is a power-packed stabilizer featuring:

  • Excelis Maxx, our nitrogen stabilizer with our proprietary formulation called LCN Complex, which contains a urease inhibitor (NBPT), a nitrification inhibitor (DCD), and other proprietary technologies designed to reduce N fertilizer loss.
  • MPPA (Macro Molecular Polyphenolic Acid), which stabilizes primary and secondary nutrients with charged molecules that bind with elements, protecting them from loss and(or) tie-up, including phosphorus, calcium, iron, and aluminum.
  • “DUO” means we add a patented soil amendment that stimulates microbial production of cofactors that increase root growth and nutrient uptake in the rhizosphere.


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