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DUO Maxx

The only fertilizer additive on the market for dry and liquid NPK blends

DUO Maxx is the combination of Excelis Maxx and our proprietary biostimulant/binding complex, MPPA complex. This is the only fertilizer additive on the market that protects all pathways of loss for urea and UAN, especially leaching. Due to MPPA, it can also protect N, P & K in liquid or dry fertilizer blends.

Features & Benefits:

Contains Excelis Maxx plus:

  • Macro Molecular Poly Phenolic Acids (MPPA) – a nutrient complexing agent that protects charged nutrients from loss and(or) pH tie-up. Especially useful in reducing nitrate leaching.
  • XCK-1750 (“DUO”) - a root and microbial biostimulant.



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Made in the USA

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