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The only additive on the market that adds biostimulants for superior nitrogen efficiency

With our patented complex of Rhizovit biostimulants, NPBT, and nitrification inhibitors, Excelis Maxx will not only protect urea and UAN from volatility, denitrification, and leaching loss, it will also enhance nutrient availability and directly stimulate root growth. No other fertilizer additive can do that because they are just stabilizers. Excelis Maxx is different…it’s the ONLY fertilizer additive that protects nitrogen AND stimulates your crop.

Features & Benefits:

  • N-butyl-thio phosphoric triamide (NBPT) – a urease inhibitor that blocks volatility loss of urea based fertilizers.
  • LCN Complex – a patented formula of phenolic acids, DCD, and other nitrification inhibitors that reduce denitrification and leaching losses of nitrogen.
  • Rhizovit Complex – a patented root and microbial biostimulants.



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Made in the USA

Packaging : 4x1 gal case; 2x2.64 gal case; 132 gal tote; 264 gal tote
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