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Excelis Maxx


Product Description:

Excelis Maxx is the only stabilizer to contain our LCN Complex and patented microbial biostimulant, Rhizovit. It is designed to protect nitrogen from all three pathways of loss and stimulate symbiotic microbes that produce cofactors to improve root growth and nutrient uptake.

Excelis Maxx is more than just a nitrogen stabilizer, it offers two powerful ingredients:

  • LCN Complex, which protects nitrogen fertilizers from volatilization, denitrification, and leaching by using a proprietary combination of urease inhibitor (NBPT), nitrification inhibitor (DCD), and polyphenolic and carboxylic acids.
  • Rhizovit, our patented soil amendment that stimulates microbial production of cofactors that increase root growth and nutrient uptake in the rhizosphere.


Download the product brochure, label, and SDS here:


Made in the USA

Packaging : 4x1 gal case; 2x2.64 gal case; 132 gal tote; 264 gal tote
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