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A formulation that provides at critical times nutrients in equilibrium

Product Description:

Corona products are available in three convenient options:

  • Corona N: 21-7-7
  • Corona Master: 8-27-0
  • Corona K: 8-11-39

Our Corona products are designed for foliar application on all crops, including: row crops, fruits, and vegetables. Corona products are designed to illicit very quick response when foliar spraying with insecticides or fungicides. They offer a high-analysis nutrient boost at critical times when foliar applications are being done.

All Corona products are highly soluble and offer options for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to improve growth, flowering, and fruiting. Corona products also feature:

  • Additional nutrients, which provides other key micronutrients for critical stages in the production cycle.
  • Low salt index and chlorine content for better ionic transport, especially Calcium flow, which reduces osmotic and salinity stress in germinating seeds.
  • PRX Complex, our patented soil amendment which stimulates soil microbes that helps regulate plant metabolism, enhances root activity and root absorption of nutrients, and provides anti-stress effects.
  • Nutritional versatility, from range of balanced nutrient formulations for every stage of production.


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Packaging : 13.22 lb bags
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