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KSC Series


Product Description:

The KSC series of water-soluble fertilizers are optimal for fertigation in intensive crop production. The low salt index and low chloride content is safer for seedlings and allows better water and nutrient uptake by the plant. Our patented manufacturing process produces high-quality materials which have several components that enhance metabolism, growth, and stress regulation.

The KSC line is six unique formulations of an exclusive soil amendment, Phytactyl Complex, and specific, balanced nutrient profiles. KSC Phytactyl is more than just nutrients, it helps the soil help the plant during stress and through major physiological changes.

Every KSC product offers:

  • Low salt index and chlorine content, which provides better ionic transport, especially Calcium flow and reduces osmotic and salinity stress in germinating seeds.
  • Buffering capacity, to optimize nutrient absorption, without increasing irrigation water pH.
  • Glucides, an energy reserve for microbial growth within the rhizosphere.
  • Phytactyl Complex, our patented soil amendment which stimulates soil microbes that help regulate plant metabolism, enhance root activity and root absorption of nutrients, and provides anti-stress effects.
  • Versatility, from a range of balanced nutrient formulations for every stage of production.

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Packaging : 55.125 lb bags
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