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Humistart provides better fertilizer efficiency and nutrient availability

Product Description :

Produced from naturally soft and porous Calcimer, Humistart is different than traditional lime-based soil conditioners in that it contains the biostimulant Humistim. Together, the calcimer and humistim work to stimulate soil microbes to break down organic material quicker into plant available nutrients, with an enhanced micropH, and more complete nutrition with additional Ca, S, and Mg.

Features & Benefits :

  • Humistim: Directly stimulates soil microbes to increase organic matter breakdown and soil mineralization.
  • Calcimer: improves micro-pH in the soil, provides an ideal environment for soil microbes and provides a balanced nutritional profile with additional Ca, Mg, and S.
  • Additional nutrients: balances soil carbon to nitrogen ratio and adds beneficial nutrients for plants and microbes.



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Packaging : 1300 lb Big Bag and bulk
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