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Product Description:

Humistart is a soil conditioner proven to increase microbial activity. It supplies calcium, sulfur, magnesium, and trace amounts of boron, iron, and zinc. Our patented Humistim Complex activates soil microbes, while the Calcimer® provides a more soluble calcium than traditional lime.

Humistart works well on soils with more than 2% organic matter, no-till operations, and/or fields with heavy manure use. It can be used alone, or blended with other granular fertilizers.

Humistart is a power-packed granular product which features:

  • Calcimer®, our patented plant-available marine calcium, helps increase availability of soil nutrients, improve soil structure, and promote microbial activity.
  • Humistim Complex: Our patented soil amendment that directly stimulates soil microbes to increase breakdown of stubble or manure and enhance mineralization.


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Packaging : 1,300 lb bag and bulk
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