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Seactyl REMEDY

For Use On:

Golf Courses (All Areas), Commercial & Residential Turf, Sports Fields, Sod Farms, Landscape & Nurseries,

Government Operations (All Turf and Landscaped Areas on Highways, Right of Ways, Medians, Buildings, Parks and Recreation).


Features & Benefits:

1. 5-2-4 with Concentrated Sea Extracts

2. Calcium 2.8% / Iron .5% / Magnesium 1.9%

3. Significantly Activates & Promotes Mycorrhizae Production

4. Actively Promotes Root Growth & Plant Stamina

5. Helps Plant Resist Damage from Nematodes, Insects & Disease

6. Increases Root Growth & Plant Density Without increasing Plant Height


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Made in the USA

Packaging : 2x2.64 gal case
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