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Seactyl RESCUE

For Use On:

Golf Courses (All Areas), Commercial & Residential Turf, Sports Fields, Sod Farms, Landscape & Nurseries,

Government Operations (All Turf and Landscaped Areas on Highways, Right of Ways, Medians, Buildings, Parks and Recreation).


Features & Benefits:

1. Significantly Increases Plants Resistance to Environmental and Mechanical Stress

2. Increases Salt Tolerance by Blocking Sodium and Chloride Pathways

3. Mannitol Natural Plant Sugars Promote Soil Microbial Growth

4. Increases Drought and Heat Tolerance

5. Significantly Stimulates Mycorrhizal Production

6. Quickly Restores and Promotes Root and Plant Health

7. Stimulates Plant Production of Phytoalexin Protein


Download the Brochure, Product Label and MSDS Here:

Made in the USA

Packaging : 2x2.64 gal case
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